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RSBI school in Indonesia

2010 August 11
Posted by ernaeadril

Nowadays , Indonesian Government is exploring some schools in Indonesia as International school standard. There some schools have been choossen. In West Sumatra there seven schools are pointed as preparation of international school based which is called as RSBI . One of school in West Sumatra is Junior High School of 2 Gunung Talang which is located in Cupak, Solok West Sumatra is about 50 kilometers from Padang the capital of West Sumatra province.

As International School, Junior High School of 2 Gunung Talang ( SMP N 2 Gunung Talang ) try to follow the characteristic of International school, such as the instruments  that needed in the classroom which  make the students fell comfortable  while learning process, number of the students in the class room,   learning system , Curriculum that is used, and has relation with other school from outside of our  province and later on from overseas as sister school.

This school has 6 classes as RSBI class. 1 class for grade 9, 2 classes  for grade 8 and this year  it has 3 classes for grade 7. Every class has 23 students which are selected from some areas nearby in Solok regency. In the class room the students has comfortable room for studying like good  table set, Air Conditioner ,drinking gallon , locker for keeping their materials,  big table for relax discussion, permanent LCD, Laptop for media of learning.

Learning process in this school use national curriculum and is added with  international material ( X) show as international school. some of  subjects are presented by English like ,math, biology, physic and math. The teachers try to use English in giving material to the students about 50 % for this year. Beside that this school do learning process in the  afternoon to explore the additional curriculum. For developing  the students in using English , we did English camp in Cisarua Bogor  for a week . This program  was handled  by Jakarta International Collage which  is  Mr. Irfan Saumi as Director

As RSBI school, we has a sister school. It is Jakarta No 45 Junior High School ( SMP N 45 Jakarta ). we have MoU in order to develop the school and always help each other and will do teachers exchange and also students exchange this year.

For  showing that English is very important to learn, we need visiting from native speaker.  we want to make our students practice their English much directly from real English users.

We hope AVI or many other companies   can help this school in visiting native speakers, and teachers exchange program for teachers of English we are sure This school will be better than last year. Mr Fitnedi as principal and teachers will do the commitment to develop this school to be real International school standard in Indonesia

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